Welcome to Palermo: A Delicious Journey through Sicilian Cuisine!

Dear tourists, you have arrived in the magnificent city of Palermo, a place where art, history and gastronomy come together to create a unique experience. And while you explore the beauties of this city, you cannot miss the opportunity to delight your palate with the treasures of Sicilian cuisine. Here is a guide to find out what to eat in Palermo:


Arancine are a Sicilian specialty loved all over the world. These are stuffed and fried rice balls, often stuffed with ragù, mozzarella and peas. Ideal as a snack or quick lunch. The best places to eat arancino in Palermo a few steps from B&B Delle Vittorie and KePalle , and for women

Bread with Spleen

For adventurous eaters, “spleen bread” is a local delicacy. It is a sandwich filled with spleen (veal honey) cooked with lamb fat and seasoned with salt and pepper. It is a specialty that has its roots in traditional Palermo cuisine. A few steps from the B&B Delle Vittorie you can enjoy the sandwich from "Antica Focacceria di San Francesco" or from "Nino U ballerina" the latter awarded for its street food by Gambero Rosso 2017.


Savor the freshness of caponata, a side dish of aubergines, celery, tomatoes, olives and capers cooked in an irresistible sauce. A dish that tells the story and passion of Sicilian cuisine. A few steps from the B&B Delle Vittorie you can taste caponata in the "Trattoria Ferro di Cavallo" or "Antica Focacceria di San Francesco" or at the Ballarò market.


For dessert, you can't miss the Sicilian cassata. This dessert is a delicious cake covered in sugar icing and decorated with candied fruit. It's an explosion of flavors and colors.

Pasta with sardines

This dish is a perfect example of culinary fusion in Palermo. Pasta with sardines is pasta seasoned with a sauce made from fresh sardines, pine nuts, raisins and wild fennel. A mix of flavors that will make you fall in love with Sicilian cuisine.

Fresh fish

Given Palermo's coastal location, fresh fish is always available. Try dishes such as mixed fish grill or seafood pasta to savor the freshness of the Mediterranean.

Granita with brioches

For breakfast or snack, savor a traditional Sicilian granita, often accompanied by a brioche. Flavors such as lemon, almond or coffee are particularly popular.

Street Food

Explore the local markets and streets to try Palermo's renowned street food. Panelle (chickpea pancakes), crocchè (potato balls) and sfincione (Sicilian pizza) are just some of the delicious options available, an authentic taste of street life and local flavours.

Exploring Palermo's culinary scene is a journey through the history and culture of this fascinating Sicilian city. Make sure you leave room in your stomach to savor everything this dining destination has to offer.

Where to go to eat:

Recommended restaurants

Osteria Mercede – Via Sammartino n. 1, Palermo – Tel. 091 332243

Salina Restaurant Palermo – Via Maqueda, 309, Palermo – tel. 091 732 0867

Palazzo Branciforte Restaurant – Via Bara all'olivella 2, Palermo, tel. 091 321748

La Corte dei Mangioni Osteria 1999 – Via Sammartino 97 Palermo – Tel.

Ancient Southern bakery – Via Maqueda n 278, Palermo – Tel. 091 588178

Procopio pizzeria – Via Discesa delle Capre, 1, Palermo, – Tel. 091 976 1024

Mastunicola artisan pizza – Via Venezia 71, Palermo – Tel. 091 275 5594

Vossìa Mediterranean Cuisine – Via Venezia 79-81, Palermo, Palermo – Tel. 091 843 0601

Stabile 169 restaurant – via Mariano Stabile 169/c, Palermo – Tel., 091 323379

Le Angeliche – Vicolo Abbadia n. 10, Palermo -Tel. 375 687 4492

The myrtle and the Rose – Via Principe di Granatelli 30, Palermo – Tel. 091 324353

Brunaccini Restaurant – Piazzetta Lucrezia Brunaccini, Palermo – Tel. 335 657 3939

Buatta Cucina Popolana – Via Vittorio Emanuele 176, Palermo Tel . 091 322378

Archestrato Di Gela – Via Notarbartolo 2/F – Tel. 091 625 8983

Molo Sant'Erasmo – Molo Sant'Erasmo, Palermo – Tel. 388 789 2914

Jackasspalermo – Risto-pub Via Sammartino, 117, Palermo – Tel. 351 861 6190

FUD Bottega Sicula (Palermo) – Piazza Olivella, 4, Palermo Tel. 091 611 2184

Fud Bocs – Caletta Sant'Erasmo, 999 – Tel. +39 3291651086

Recommended places

Mak Mixology Galleria delle Vittorie, Palermo – Tel. 091 674 5668

Enotequa Via Maqueda 274, Palermo -Tel. 091 649 6910

Jackasspalermo Risto-pub Via Sammartino, 117, Palermo – Tel. 351 861 6190

The Gardens of the Massimo – Piazza Verdi, Palermo – Tel. +39 3792829209

Have a good culinary trip to Palermo!