For the traveler, the "journey" is a unique experience, as one explores the senses, the culture but above all the secrets of the new place one is going to visit. For this reason we take the liberty of suggesting a list of experiences "that you absolutely cannot miss": the hidden places and traditions of this land of ours, for the pleasure of showing you the best of the city of Sicily and of us Sicilians.

What you can't miss in Palermo

Those who arrive here can breathe in the air of history and culture, enjoy a beautiful sea and satisfy their palate and gluttony. A city of Greco-Roman origins, which also underwent Arab, Norman, French and Spanish influence and where today you can admire splendid palaces, churches and monuments . Not only that, anyone who goes here will not be able to miss a tour of the most famous markets, tasting the culinary specialties and diving into the splendid sea. Whether you decide to spend a long weekend or a week, this city truly offers many opportunities and will be able to satisfy anyone's tastes. Between a rice ball, a caponata and a panelle sandwich, there are many things to see in Palermo, which is why we have made a personal ranking of those not to be missed...

Leaving the hotel we go to the left of Via Maqueda and you will be amazed at how many Spanish, Catalan, Portuguese, French and English references you will find in Palermo, we are soon dazzled by the destination of our itinerary: the " Quattro Canti " formed by the intersection of the two streets most important in the city: Corso Vittorio Emanuele and Via Maqueda. Each canton represents the district behind it and each of the four cantons has its own patron saint: Santa Ninfa, Santa Cristina, Santa Oliva and Santa Agata, whose statues are placed in each canton.

Coming to Palermo and not seeing the cathedral is like going to Rome and not visiting the Colosseum. This religious building, completed in 1185, is immense and over the centuries has been influenced by different cultures: Christian, Saracen and Norman.


Coming to Palermo and not seeing the cathedral is like going to Rome and not visiting the Colosseum. This religious building, completed in 1185, is immense and over the centuries has been influenced by different cultures: Christian, Saracen and Norman.

Palatine Chapel and Norman Palace

Of notable interest is the Palatine Chapel and Palazzo dei Normanni from the years 1130-1140, located in the sumptuous Palazzo dei Normanni; The church of San Giovanni degli Eremiti from 1132, located near the Royal Palace, an example of Arab-Norman architecture.

The Church of San Cataldo and the Martorana Church

The Church of San Cataldo and Chiesa Martorana, both located on a terrace in Piazza Bellini. The first is recognizable by the three red domes that recall the Arab influence and its interior is poor but beautiful thanks to the sandstone with which it is built. The Church of Martorana, however, of Byzantine origins, completely covered in decorations and mosaics that give it an undoubted beauty.

The Praetorian Fountain

Nearby we find the Fontana Pretoria located in the square of the same name or commonly known as "Piazza della Shame", an immense fountain of unique artistic beauty, with sculptures surrounding the square itself where the town hall and two ancient churches are located;

Teatro Massimo

Among the things to see in Palermo there is also the beautiful Teatro Massimo which often hosts performances and ballets. However, if you don't have time to enjoy a show, try to visit its interior during the day, when the doors open for guided tours. The Teatro Massimo in Palermo , as its name suggests, represents the first theater in terms of size not only of the city but of all of Italy, placing itself only in third place in Europe, behind the Paris Opera Of Operhaus in Vienna.

Church of San Francesco

If you have time, visit the Spasimo , the " church without a roof ", an ancient deconsecrated church gutted by the bombings of the war which maintains an indescribable charm. Today it is home to a music school, as well as a place for events and shows.


The church of San Francesco is one of the most beautiful monuments in Palermo, for some the most important for both artistic and historical value. In the same square there is an ancient restaurant: the " Antica Focacceria San Francesco" where you can taste the traditional focaccias with spleen and ricotta.

The Markets

The markets: The real life of many Palermo citizens takes place in the markets; the most famous and important are Ballarò and Vucciria. Here the strong smells of fresh fish mix with the aromas of spices and herbs typical of Mediterranean cuisine. Absolutely worth buying oregano, dried tomatoes and capers to bring a bit of Sicily home with you.

Gastronomy. The flavors of Arab influence are so strong that they are unforgettable and unobtainable in other places, but above all in other regions, not even by imitation: from cannoli to cassatelle, from sfincione to pasta with sardines, from arancini and panelle to focaccine with ricotta .

A Walk by the Sea

A Walk by the Sea. If it is a beautiful day and you have decided to enjoy the sea breeze, if you are insatiable and want a destination that in addition to the sea also includes green gardens - all you have to do is visit the Foro Italico, for centuries a favorite destination for city walks and appropriate venue for parties and entertainment.



Shopping. Leaving the hotel we go to the right of Via Maqueda towards Via Ruggero Settimo, Piazza Castelnuovo and Via Libertà, an artery dedicated to shopping and walking for the citizens of Palermo. In this stretch there are numerous clothing shops, jewelery shops, household items and leisure shops.

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Morreale Municipality a few kilometers from Palermo, Monreale is located, where it houses a wonderful Cathedral with spectacular gold mosaics in Norman-Arab style with an adjoining Benedictine cloister.


If you go to Palermo in spring, summer or autumn you cannot miss the beautiful Mondello beach, which can be reached in a short time from the centre. Here the light sand and the clear sea invite you to dive in and relax a bit.


Located next to the town of Mondello, it is the most active social nucleus in terms of fish and a holiday destination for the people of Palermo. Its seabed is home to a great variety of fish. Renowned for its sunsets over the sea and for the typical gastronomy of its restaurants and trattorias, based exclusively on excellent "fresh fish".